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Valentine’s Day Breakfast in Bed

Nine years ago I was married on Valentine’s Day. How romantic is that? No chance I’ll ever forget the big day! Celebrating a wedding anniversary on top of what is already the “day of love” can be added pressure. To really come up with the best way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, I couldn’t think of a better way then to prepare breakfast in bed for my wife. Deliciously dreamy; this will be the best way to please your beloved.

Making breakfast in bed for your loved one is a sweet gesture of your affection. However, some breakfasts are even more romantic or impressive than others. While the effort may be more important that the results, it’s better to demonstrate just how much effort you put into the gift in order to impress.

Breakfast in bed can be relaxing or it can be a recipe for disaster. You want to give your loved one a large enough area so that he or she isn’t uncomfortable trying to eat without spilling all over your bed. Make sure to ensure you make the setting perfect to avoid a catastrophe. Place a small side table next to the bed as one solution, or use a bed serving tray, which is slightly raised and can slide comfortably over their legs. Breakfast in bed is meant as a time to relax, especially if the one you’re making it for usually makes breakfast for him or herself. Therefore, you should devote some time to setting up the environment. Add extra pillows to the area so the one who’s dining can sit up comfortably and not against a hard headboard or wall. If you’re also eating, don’t forget to set pillows up for you, too.

A few of my favorite tips for this culinary love-fest:

▪ Place freshly-squeezed orange juice in a wine carafe; cover and refrigerate. Chill a split of champagne to make mimosas (equal parts orange juice and champagne). Serve these to your sweetheart and they’ll love you forever. You can also simply serve some rose champagne.
▪ Use red or pink roses to make your breakfast tray look especially colorful and beautiful, or take apart a few roses and refrigerate the petals in a sealed plastic bag so they’ll be ready to scatter the next morning.
▪ Compose special messages to your loved one and tuck them into napkins, briefcases, or place them strategically throughout your home, coat and car. The more messages, the better: your Valentine may continue to discover love notes long after the day has passed.
▪ Pancakes are always easy—especially with a mix. You can make them special with a topping or by adding them to your mix. Bananas, berries, coconut or chocolate chips. Serve them on red plates with coordinating napkins.
▪ Scrambled eggs can be quick and easy. Make them special with crumbled bacon and cheddar, crumbled sausage, Chevre, or sautéed vegetables. Nearly anything that you can do to an omelet, you can do to scrambled eggs.
▪ Strawberries and cream make for an elegant and easy breakfast.
▪ Try broiling a grapefruit half topped with a sprinkling of brown sugar.
▪ If your love is a health nut or still adhering to one of those hateful New Year’s resolutions, blend a fruit smoothie with his or her favorite fruit–fresh or frozen–along with a scoop of sorbet. Show them you love their heart…and their arteries too.
▪ Make a sentimental CD of favorite love songs or download a mix of love songs onto an MP3 player to play during breakfast.
▪ If you hate cooking or if you have less than 30 seconds in the morning, you can still do something special. Serve their yogurt and granola in a martini glass, or plate those pop tarts on your best china. Using your finest crystal and chine really steps up your morning routine.

There is no one perfect breakfast recommendation for your day, as everyone’s tastes differ. What’s important is that you know what your loved one likes. But don’t forget to think out of the box! Creating a relaxing experience for your loved one, or to share with your loved one, can be just as important as what you serve. The options are endless when love is on the menu!

Happy romancing! Eat, Love, Party!