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Transform Leftover Turkey Into Tostadas with Chipotle Cranberries

Leftover turkey after the Thanksgiving feast is a great thing. But for lots of us, enthusiasm for the turkey scraps wanes quickly once the dishes are washed.

We get it.

The key to enjoying the multitude of bits and pieces that you hastily packed away in the back of your fridge (Did someone mention salmonella poisoning? They always do) is a little PLANNING.

In our opinion, those slices, scraps and succulent bits are treasures. And you worked hard to make them so delectable.

By the time lunch rolls around on the weekend, your crew will be hankering for some new flavors once they’ve had their fill of mashed potatoes and roasted whatevers.

So try adding just a few easy ingredients to your last minute grocery list, and you’ll be ready to transform turkey leftovers into loaded, spicy (or not) tostadas.

Note: We love Del Campo handmade corn tortillas. They’re low calorie, dairy and gluten-free, kosher, all natural, real deal tortillas. This small, family owned business bakes ’em every day and they ship straight to your door.