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Turkey chili
Photo: Robin Selden

Healthy Game Day Chili

Some traditions are meant to stick around forever. Consider chili on Super Bowl Sunday. We can’t imagine game day without it.

What makes this turkey chili different from all others?

Consider four cups of kale that front loads this healthy bowl without screaming, “we’ve added greens!” to the chili purists. And if you have enthusiastic guests in your crew who are likely to spill something in a joyful (or agonizing) moment, you’ll be glad this chili recipe omits the usual canned tomatoes.

Here are some toppings we love with this chili:

dairy-free sour cream

shredded vegan cheese

sliced black olives

chopped tomatoes

thinly sliced jalapeno

chopped fresh cilantro or parsley

avocado slices or guacamole

crushed tortilla chips

salsa of any kind

crushed red pepper flakes