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Photo Credit: Robin Selden for Marcia Selden Catering & Event Planning

Zuppe di Straci, the Yummiest Winter Soup Ever!

Winter calls for a warm and cozy soup, and this variation on a classic stracciatella, the Italian egg drop soup is heavenly. We guarantee you a big bowl of comfort that will warm you right up!

Zuppe di Straci

Serves six


3 T Olive Oil
1 Spanish Onion, chopped
4 Garlic Cloves, chopped
12 oz package Fresh Spinach, roughly chopped
3 Sprigs Fresh Thyme
1 Bay Leaf
1 Fennel Bulb, chopped
1 can Chick Peas, with water
4 Eggs
1 Whole Rotisserie Chicken, deboned, meat shredded
½ gallon Chicken Stock
½ gallon Water



Debone chicken, shred with fingers. In a large soup pot, sauté onion, fennel, garlic, thyme and bay leaf in oil for 3 minutes. Add in chicken and add chicken stock and water. Bring to a boil for 20 minutes and add chick peas.

In a bowl, whisk 4 eggs and then add them very slowly into the chicken stock. Let them stand for 2 minutes, this will scramble the eggs (do not whisk). Add spinach and salt and pepper to taste.

Optional: You can add in rice noodles, pasta or cheese tortellini to the boiling pot a few minutes before serving.