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Photo: Robin Selden

Mexican Street Corn Makes the Party

Recipe and photo: Robin Selden for Marcia Selden Catering and Event Planning

Not to be corn-y, but we love celebrating summertime with friends & family with a Corn Roast Party. Our favorite take is Elote or Mexican Street Corn. It’s so deliciously savory and sweet that your guests may not want anything more than corn for dinner.

Not sure that corn is enough for your crew? Consider adding fish to your menu.

Try this Pan Seared Halibut with quick charred tomato salsa, also from Robin Selden.

Want to mix it up even more? Consider Kim Kushner’s Poisson à la Marocaine (Moroccan Spiced Fish) using grouper or tilapia.


Type: Dairy

Notes:There’s nothing like freshly picked, crisp local corn in the summer. This classic Mexican take on grilled corn is a super way to mix things up, even if you’re a corn purist who prefers it quickly boiled and undressed.

Feel free to substitute ricotta salata or crumbled feta for the Cotija cheese.



12 Corn on the Cob, husked, pulled back, corn silk removed.
Vegetable Oil, to brush
½ C Mayonnaise
½ C Cotija Cheese, crumbled
(may substitute ricotta salata or feta)
1 Lime cut into 8 wedges
1 ½ T Paprika



Lightly brush corn with vegetable oil. Place corn on a medium hot grill, close the grill for 15-20 minutes, turning the corn every five minutes or so, until corn is grilled on all sides. Use a spatula or pastry brush to rub a dollop of mayonnaise over each piece of corn. Using a shallow baking dish, roll the corn in the cojtija cheese, sprinkle with paprika and squeeze juice from one lime wedge over the corn and enjoy the deliciousness!



Extra! Extra! — ‘Beyond Butter’ Condiment Buffet

Fresh Lime Slices, which can be paired with a dash of paprika or make lime butter on the spot
Olive Oils infused with herbs like thyme, swipe onto ears with a cooking brush
Shredded Cheeses like Parmesan, Pepper Jack or Cotija
Hot Sauce
Seasoning Salt like Old Bay
Drawn Butter for Dipping