Bravo! Kudos! Everything was fabulous, amazing and superior! Linda G.

You are the best in the business, and you are the bestest of the the best! If you need us to provide a reference, I will get out the Thesaurus and try to figure out a dozen ways to say “FANTASTIC.” Pat G.L.

Thank you so much for all you did to make our Dine with Design event such a huge success. Your professional, flawless execution, MADE the event! Meri E.

The party was so memorable! The food was outstanding, and the servers were amazing. Our guests raved about both! The food was imaginative, beautifully presented, and delicious, but healthy and light. The staff were clearly pros ~ they were warm, friendly and helpful and they thought of everything. Diana J.

“It was “fantasmaglorious”! More than even my very active vision anticipated. The kudos were all full of “fullsomes”: glorious- magical-wondrous-delicious-delectable. What more can an old girl wish for! Memorable! Thank You!” Hinda R.

Rave reviews have come back from epic to magical to party of the century and your food and service had a lot to do with it. Your lobster martini has become our favorite dish! Keith P.

Awesome party! You make my job as the Chair person so easy and I really appreciate that. Thanks again. Jeannie H.

We want you to know that you have made ALL THREE OF OUR BAR/BAT MITZVAHS legendary marvelous and magical!! Three down one to go, THEN BRING ON THE WEDDINGS!!! Andrea G.

August 29th was by far the happiest day of our lives. Everything was just magic, and you all had the major part in making it all happen. We don’t know how you did it; this incredible food just kept coming out, and you treated us like royalty! Every one of you was just so nice, and you will always have a special place in our hearts for making our wedding everything we dreamed of and more. Bob S. & Wes Y.

I have been finding myself at a loss for even the “written” word when I try to thank you all. Finally I verbalized what we were all thinking. “Was that real or was it just a beautiful fairytale?” Thanks to you all, it was both real and a fairytale. From Cuban night to candy bar you never missed a beat, your serving was precision, your cuisine fabulous, your presentation beautiful. You made us look calm and pretty soon we were! You treated us better than family and for that we are very thankful. I cannot tell you how many said it was the best wedding they had ever attended. Jena told me it was the happiest day of her life, what more does a mother long to hear? Thank you for helping to make it so!! Pati R.

Thank you so much! You guys did an incredible job…everyone loved the food and they said the service was above and beyond. Another success from my favorite team! You truly are the best. We love you here at Mitchells. Liza E.

We truly feel blessed to have you in our lives. You have given us a wedding we could have only dreamed about and your generosity will stay with us always. Your kindness, personal touches and perfect palette made our wedding the talk of the town. We have been flooded with compliments to you and your team. The food, venue, staff, d_cor was whimsical! You and your team have gone above and beyond in every imaginable way. We are forever grateful! Love, Erica T.

Jennifer and Jeffrey, we cannot thank you enough for managing and creating our wedding day. It was truly spectacular and went flawlessly. It’s hard to believe that you were able to pull something like that off in only a few weeks! We will never forget that day or your both. Robin, the food was amazing!!! You are unbelievable and looked so hard core in your outfit!! Jennifer M.

Now I know why Marcia Selden is legendary! Everything was perfect! Thank you for everything! Michelle P.