Our Culinary Team

A great party is a sum of its parts. Music and decor matter, but terrific food is the most memorable takeaway from any event.

Our world-class team of chefs represents six countries and over 120 years of combined experience. These polished professionals offer a wide range of talents to execute any customized menu to perfection.

Robin, Executive Chef, has guided the company’s kitchen for over 18 years. Robin’s our creative force behind the inventive cuisine at Marcia Selden Catering.

Walter, our Italian Spaniard Sous Chef has a passion for Farm to Table and Organic Cuisine. He’s our Zen Master of calm with 20 years of culinary chops and an unmatched knowledge of food. He amazes our clients with his big-flavored vision and delicious creations!

Tim is our Italian trained “Battle of the Bands Chef” who whips up some serious eats and is fab in the pastry department… YUM!

Eddie, or as we like to call him, “El Guapo,” is our Mexican Matador who swings his cape over food and the end result is always beautiful to look at and delicious to eat.

Kristina, who we call LG for “Little Girl,” is Robin’s “mini me.” Robin took Kristina under her wing during her internship, taught her everything she knows, and now this girl can cook! Ten years later, she is a force to be reckoned with!

Renee adds flair and femininity to our kitchen, she’s a mom, master pastry chef and wine aficionado from Argentina.

Jhonathan, our Peruvian Prince, is constantly surprising us with new recipes and Peruvian ingredients that frankly we’ve never heard of and can’t wait to incorporate into our menus

Our Chefs Rosendo, Billy and Eric run our “Gourmet to Go” Corporate Catering division that delivers artisanal breakfast and lunch to many of the areas Fortune 500 Companies on a daily basis.

Sasha adds her well-travelled experience to our international kitchen. From Italy to Australia, she can cook it all!

Pocho, our dishwashing Cabaillero, keeps us clean and meticulous.